Jandy pool company "mini jet"

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Jandy pool company "mini jet"

Post  Rickster on Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:08 am

My pool has three Jandy mini jets around the edge of the pool (down by the water, not on the deck),

Not the deck jets, the mini jets.

zodiacpoolsystems (dot com)/Products/Water-Designs/Minijet.aspx

They throw a real nice clean arc at least 15 feet - and once when we turned the pressure up too much they shot over the neighbors roof!

Anyway, I looked at the details and there's nothing really earth shaking to the design.
Just a hollow box fed by your pool return (or water feature pump) with a nice brass tube/nozzle.
The nozzle is on a ball joint so you can aim it.
There is supposedly an adjustment that you can adjust with a special screwdriver tool through the nozzle, but I didnt see any change.

Anyone know they're secret?

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