Clear acrylic tube gold mine.

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Clear acrylic tube gold mine. Empty Clear acrylic tube gold mine.

Post  Hoarp001 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:09 am

So I am starting to stock pile bits for my jet, and I was on the lookout for 8 and 6 inch acrylic tube. A plastics supplier local to me seemed like they might have the right stuff, so I went to see them....

Clear acrylic tube gold mine. 215207_10150175644217570_506442569_6716304_800620_n

Yes im pretty sure they do the tube we need!

So they quoted me a silly £120 a meter for the 6 inch tube. I told the guy I had found it on ebay for 17 quid a meter and he matched the price, so I got one meter of it for 25 quid, $41 for one meter - enough for three jets.

I have bought one meter so I have some tube left. Let me know if you want to buy it, 6 inch 3mm wall thickness.

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