To Need or Not To Need?

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To Need or Not To Need?  Empty To Need or Not To Need?

Post  pepe6859 on Wed May 04, 2011 6:08 am

Hi guys,

As I said before, just joined few days ago and like all of you I'm on the way to build my nozzles. Just want to post my comments here in order to receive some feedback from the pros. The thing is that I've been reading (not all) through the forum and noticed discrepancies on some arguments and will like to share my opinion.

Sponges: (speed reduction/Filtering) They are not intended to reduce water velocity and we not need any debris filtering at that stage. I will not use them

Tangential Input: (pressure balance) Helps on pressure balancing but there are better ways to do that. I will use it only if lateral input is
convenient for connections.

Straws: (lamination) Very useful for water lamination but only if not any other method can be applied. Will try not to use them.

Overall size: (lamination) Big canisters help to calm down Reynolds numbers (turbulence), and definitely the best way to slowdown water "speed" when wider the best, "but maybe not that big is needed". Will try small as possible according to the water stream diameter wanted.

Flow/Pressure: (width/length ) Big flow doesn't meant long streams. There is a proportional game here. With pressure head we can calculate the length but tied to how thick we want the beam to be.

Thats all for now folks Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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