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Post  gwoodward on Fri May 27, 2011 4:11 am

I am building a series of water exhibits for my museum. One of the exhibits is going to be a laminar jet. I have built a 8" dia jet that works well. I am adding a cutter. My problem is that I'm running short on time and some of the other exhibits I'm building are starting to suffer. I only have one jet and am afraid the exhibit will be boring. I'm concidering buying a few jumping jets instead. Can anyone recommend a good jumping jet with a cutter that I can install so that the visitor can control the cutter. I'm think the jet would shoot a stream all the time and the visitor could press a buttom to control the cutter, it would be even better if they could also control the water pressure to make the stream longer or shorted. Here are some of the systems I've heard about but have not seen in action. Oase, Fiberstar, Pentair. Anyone know of others? I'm thinking I'd buy 4 units.

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