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Post  kev.arlon on Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:01 pm

So I just recently discovered this form, yet I knew of laminar jets for awhile. I have just started the construction of my first jet, and found a machinist today to make my nozzle. Cant wait to put everything together!

So far I have:
A 3/4 horse power Hayward pool pump
about 20 feet of 1.5" pvc
a low pass filter constructed of 6" pvc
two 6" endcaps, coupling, and more 6" pvc to make my canon and actual jet
my nozzle will be turned from aluminum- this picture is the mock-up I made for the nozzle construction

When I first set out to get my nozzle made, I received quotes of up to 800 dollars! but I finally found someone reasonable and they will be finished tomorrow. First Laminar Jet Screen11

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