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plexiglass light rod for 8"

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plexiglass light rod for 8" Empty plexiglass light rod for 8"

Post  STUCH Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:20 am

Hi just put a few images on flikr taken from google sketchup a free 3D graphics software this image plexiglass light rod for 8" 4505442770 shows my idea for a 15mm acrylic light tube with a sheathed outer ( not shown bare rod ) .This is fitted into a custom housing for the led light unit made of aluminium sleeved over the rod with a 1" bsp thread male cut to fit bottom plate with a o ring face fitted . Into this will go a luxeon tristar type base and will hold 2x 3w red / green, 1x 5w blue ( got two companies say they can do it for me sent as a unit but its the cost issue. any companies you know for leds etc let me know please. ) this is then mounted onto a heat sink with further additional cooling for the housing coming from the base cap unit bored to allow water to flow through it before entering the nozzle.. the image is not exact just a guide an idea. Dont know if the water cooling is needed ? havent really tested 3/5w leds yet. thought it would save on space after magic-nozzle wrote that the bases get real and hot burn out easy ,housing could be made larger for heat displacement, even vented. but would be nice to have a compact waterproof unit..
Has anyone had any good results diy by using plexi ?plexiglass light rod for 8" 4505442780 saw plexi on the pentair post will give it a go easier to get hold of than the pmma flexi and easier i believe to make an efficient water tight light rod saves the silicon not sure how the light will travel through the 15mm plexi how much it will lose etc going to test this may even be a tri column arrangement..thanks for lookin

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plexiglass light rod for 8" Empty Photos?

Post  covewi Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:38 pm

Great idea - have wanted to do something like that too. Link to your sketch up?

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