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Quick Change Nozzle Holder

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Quick Change Nozzle Holder Empty Quick Change Nozzle Holder

Post  jetty Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:41 pm

Here's a design I've created for a quick change nozzle holder. The purpose is to be faster when switching over nozzles for testing / maintenance without requiring tube disassembly. Also it removes the need for glue or sealant and the associated drying time when changing nozzles. Additionally it doesn't leak around the laminar output and doesn't interfere with the quality of laminar output. Can be made with a lathe or mini-lathe. Cost is $3 - $6 in raw materials. Machining time is around 3-4 hours.

It's provided with a Creative Commons license - Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike.

Parts list:

6061 Aluminum Rod 2 inch Diameter - 1 inch length
6061 Aluminum Rod 1 inch Diameter - 0.5 inch length
360 Brass Rod 1inch Diameter - 1 inch length (will make 3-4 nozzles, could also use marine/naval brass)
Cap Screws x 6 #8-32 1/2inch length
O-Ring 1 inch diameter (measured from center of outsides), 1/8 inch thick

Assembly Notes:

Assumes a 1/2 inch top plate, alter design for different sizes. Drill top plate with 2 inch forstner bit half the thickness of the top plate, then drill the center through with a 1.5 inch forstner bit, this forms a mounting ledge for the main part of the holder. CA glue in, and fill any gaps around rim with CA, sand CA flat after drying.

O-Ring is slightly oversized for a good seal and compressed to fit by the retaining ring.

Quick Change Nozzle Holder Img_3410
Quick Change Nozzle Holder Quickc10
Quick Change Nozzle Holder Quickc10
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Nozzle Novice

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Quick Change Nozzle Holder Empty Re: Quick Change Nozzle Holder

Post  liteglow Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:15 pm

Impressive work !!

Wish I had some of that myself :-)


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