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Dump the Thumper !

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Dump the Thumper ! Empty Dump the Thumper !

Post  jetty Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:33 pm

If you over-drive the stepper motor, you can make the same stepper do double duty as a cutter and thumper / knocker unit.

You can over-drive the stepper by setting it to a frequency it can't achieve. In this example, I drove it at 400RPM with no acceleration for 8 steps (the result is that the stepper doesn't turn). However it produces vibration which is transfered into the laminar stream and acts as a knocker.

If you have spent some time trying to reduce vibration in your cutter mechanism by isolation, and want the best of both worlds, just put a hard "Stop" (e.g bolt) which is attached to the top plate. Then when you want to thumper, move the stepper against this stop, and try to rotate past it.

Steppers don't get overloaded when they can't turn something. Here's a video of it:

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