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Can you shape the the end nozzle??

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Can you shape the the end nozzle??  Empty Can you shape the the end nozzle??

Post  David Lund Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:54 pm

Hi everyone, I have just joined this site. Thank you for having me.

I am a specialist in liquid photography and am fascinated by Laminar flow. Just discovered this a few days ago and haven't stopped playing.

I am trying to make a water spiral, and today spent (8 hours...) trying to make a Laminar flow with a slit as oppose to a hole in the end. just not a clean flow, I think the end material needs to be very thin and super clean edged? I am wanting to spin the end of the nossel so that as the water comes out so it creates a spiral effect. Twisting. Does that make sense?

I love liquids, fascinating isn't it.

Appreciate any help. I have read through the topic titles and couldn't see anything along these lines, please excuse me if I had missed it.

All the very best


David Lund
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Nozzle Newbie

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