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NW Indiana Check-in

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NW Indiana Check-in Empty NW Indiana Check-in

Post  Wisperfish Wed May 11, 2016 6:47 am

Well, this stuff is interesting!
As many I saw some of the big displays on vacation and thought, "hey, you're pretty handy, why not put one of these together?"
So it's all settled then, I'm going to look at assembling one or two and looking at some of the timed control techniques; digital, mechanical, ... perhaps others?

Nozzle Newbie
Nozzle Newbie

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NW Indiana Check-in Empty Re: NW Indiana Check-in

Post  Ike Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:46 am

Welcome to the forum!

I would definitely start with getting a steady state fountain put together first and then move on to the control aspect of things. Once you get there we should definitely have a chat as I'm theorizing on that portion as well. You can't ever stop or have sudden shifts in flow as that can cause turbulence in the water but it is possible to "cut" the stream with a movable obstruction or change the output of the pump gradually to increase or decrease the arc of water. My current set up uses a Particle Photon that talks to a web server on a Raspberry Pi for control. It works pretty well so far.

Keep us posted and throw in any question you have our way!

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