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Mickwah (Australia) - control electronics / 3D design I know, will exchange for good tips on laminar flow

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Mickwah (Australia) - control electronics / 3D design I know, will exchange for good tips on laminar flow Empty Mickwah (Australia) - control electronics / 3D design I know, will exchange for good tips on laminar flow

Post  Mickwah Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:03 am

Hi guys,

I am a robotic engineer looking to pimp my garden.  I'm handy with design / build, but am a novice when it comes to laminar flow water features.  From a quick search on the line (forgive me, I recently watched The Internship), the challenges seem to be:

• keeping the flow laminar to the end of its trajectory
• reducing audible noise at both the firing and catching locations
• optimising the cutter for 'clean' leading and trailing ends
• high-speed chopping (chops / second)
• sex'n it up with fibre-fed RGB or RGBW LED illumination for night-time shows

I've joined the forum to try and leverage the experience of others and in return will gladly contribute back to the community with build-logs and design files.

What I'm hoping to contribute early on:
I have a couple of ideas for illuminating the water arc (surely there's a more specific term) from both ends.  This would allow injection of different colours from either end, as well as having the arc stay illuminated until it has completely finished its flight.  The idea would accommodate a small amount of wiggle around at the catching location, and would not project much, if any light, when there is not water flowing.  Has someone already tried this, either successfully or unsuccessfully??  Also, a good friend is a weapon with CFD modelling.  I'm hoping to simulate designs before building, then compare simulated performance with actual results. Again, I'll be happy to share findings if anyone is interested.

What I need help with early on:
I want to put together a kick-arse reliable bare-bones style fountain initially before mucking around with cutters / LEDs etc.  The horizontal distance I'd like to fire is a maximum of ~2 m (~6.5'), not too fussy about the height of arc at this stage.  I have access to CNC milling machines and lathes and can machine custom nozzles to try out if people have ideas on profiles to try.  But as for specific build materials, at this stage I have nothing.  I'm looking for a good set of 'this is what you need and this is how you assemble it' plans to start with.  Any suggestions?

Looking forward to having some fun, contributing to this obviously dedicated and passionate forum community, and hopefully entertaining the neighbours as they walk by : )


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