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Very small diameter laminar stream

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Very small diameter laminar stream Empty Very small diameter laminar stream

Post  Rasta Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:30 am

Hi , my name is Mariano , and I’m making a Wire Electro Discharge machine , (Wire EDM ) and one of the features
I want to built on this machine is Automatic Wire Threading.This is attained by directing a very small ( about 1/16 inch) round laminar water
Stream towards a hole situated about 12 inch or less away from the laminar stream exit , inside the stream a wire of about .010” diameter is guided
By the stream towards the hole .
I have made a device with plastic straws that works but at ¬†about 4 inch diameter x 8 inch long plastic pipe it’s a bit to big for my liking.
My questions are
Can a device about 2 inch  diameter x 4 inch long , or less could be made that work for my requirements?
Can it be done without the plastic straws?
Are there any formulas to make a efficient device

Thanks you for your help

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