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Brass Ring Nozzle Purchase

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Brass Ring Nozzle Purchase Empty Brass Ring Nozzle Purchase

Post  dlkempf Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:58 am

Wow, this forum is awesome!

I have been working on a laminar fountain for about a year now, with some limited success. But this source has given me new ideas and new inspiration!

I have been using 3" PVC which works OK, but the length had to be ove 2 feet long to get any sort of decent results. And I have been trying to cut my stream using a (somewhat high pressure) solenoid valve, but the results have been very disappointing. I believe the solenoid controllled cutting arm will work much bettter!

I do have a question about where I can get the brass rings that some of you have been using as outlet nozzles. I have been trying to drill chamfered holes in plexiglass and pvc, but in order to get a good laminar stream the holes had to be very small (1/4 inch or less). The brass rings seem to be a much better option, but I don't have access to any type of machine shop.

Any suggestions on where I can purchase some brass rings?

Thanks so much for all the design work that everyone has put in to their projects and is willing to share!

It's also good to know I'm not the only guy sitting out in my garage obsessed with trying to build these types of things!


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Brass Ring Nozzle Purchase Empty Re: Brass Ring Nozzle Purchase

Post  Magic-nozzle Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:47 am

Hi dlkempf
Thank you for your lines. *SMILE* yes this forum is really a pot of ideas, i love it.
The brass ring, i think you can try to make one with aluminium and drill a countersink hole in there. But precise its only when you go to someone ho can build it for you on a lathe. Its not a big deal. John, also in this form, have or had some of them, but i am not shure how much are left. Try to contact him and ask.
Good luck with your nozzle

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