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Post  STUCH Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:45 am

HI I am currently building a nozzle as a prototype for a possible diy injected nozzle body/housing.. my first illuminated, if anyone as any ideas or designs that can give serious input to this it would be appreciated..My problem at the moment is how to effectively light the stream .. I've purchased varying sizes ,shapes and powers of led as i dont just mean to just build large nozzles .. (after seeing leonardos aluminium machined nozzle thought how neat it was and for a smaller display in a smaller garden it would be ideal ) .. does the shape and diameter of the light tube affect the internal nozzle flow causing turbulence ? .. What size tube do you use? .. I thought about 1/2"dia packed with a mix of 3 + 1.5mm fibre optic which can be branch split into heatshrink tube and fed onto 3w seperate RBG leds with a led effects driver..( nice versatile driver kit 16million colours from rgb and plenty of built in effects.. fades, strobes, etc less than £15..saves the stress ) .. How close to the nozzle outlet tip does it have to be ?.. I will be starting to put my nozzle together in a couple of weeks will put photos etc on for people to look at and give opinions etc.. and as anyone found the perfect filter media ......

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