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High pressure laminar nozzle for flamethrower project

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High pressure laminar nozzle for flamethrower project Empty High pressure laminar nozzle for flamethrower project

Post  Perserk Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:11 pm

Hello strangers! Greetings from Sweden!

(I apologize in advance for my poor English)

I found this forum while searching for laminar nozzle videos on youtube.
After doing some lurking around i can say that you seem to have the
engineering spirit and quite a bit of knowledge! So i thought why not
ask for help here, someone might be interested in my project Smile

I'm building a flamethrower out of a fire extinguisher, inspired by this video:

I have acquired a regular air pressurized powder extinguisher,
emptied it (very messy), and refilled it with water and pressurised air,
to test how far the water jet would go.

As expected the jet is very chaotic, and breaks up after just 2-3 meters.
The extinguisher is rated 14bar (200psi) and the nozzle is about 8mm,
so the velocity of the jet is obviously quite high. I don't know if it's even
possible to have a somewhat coherent jet at this velocity? What kind of
nozzle would one try on this kind of project? I basically want the jet to go
as far as possible. Maybe the nozzle isn't even of any significance in this
case? Maybe adding something to the fuel to alter it's viscosity and/or
surface tension would help more?

What do you think?

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