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size of the straws

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size of the straws Empty size of the straws

Post  appel Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:26 am

I am planning to make my first nozzle this winter. If it is succesful I'm gonna build 8 nozzles to build a jumping fountain between six smaller ponds, two times three at each side of the driveway.
I have read this forum and I was wondering, has anyone tried the difference between the size of the straws? The commercial nozzles use a screen with a wide of 1mm mesh at the end. What if I use 6mm straws, follewed by 3mm type? Could this improve the quality? Or would it be better just to use a screen with 1mm (or even smaller) holes after the straws?
The nozzles should be able to achieve 1m of height and 2m of distance. The three ponds will be connect by plumbing and I would like to use 2 pumps. I would suplly two nozzles with one pump and with a valve I would start supplying the next nozzle that is going to 'jump' while the previous one is jumping.
I have a lot of 150mm piping, this is about 6". The cutter will be made by a scissor type of cut. I was planning on drilling a hole between the legs of the scissor to achieve the best cut off, thereby the whole beam will be cut off from the edge inside. The cutter will be parabolic as for the water to drip off at the sides.
I have also plans to put leds in the nozzle, so I was planning on adding the 3mm fiber (I already have those) inside. As for making the light more visible I planned on using a needle which will be put in the beam by a solenoïde.

I am hoping to get some information from you about my ideas, I will post pictures of how things are going.

Can I use the water hose to test the nozzles? It would be easier then using a pump, just for testing. I will add a low pass filter to achieve the best quality of supply, this looks very important.


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size of the straws Empty Re: size of the straws

Post  John Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:37 am

Hey welcome!

We have similar goals. I'm working on making several nozzle (probably Cool and hoping to get the timed so that they jump in sequence, and random and a couple of different modes.

I think you have the basics down. It seems that you have indeed read a lot on the forum. There really is a wealth of knowledge here now! Thanks everyone!

I've thought of using two different size straws. I think that is very intriguing. I think it would be an awesome experiment. I'll bet if you do that you could get rid of a couple of filter layers.
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