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vibration at high speed

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vibration at high speed Empty vibration at high speed

Post  Mgholami Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:25 pm

Dear freinds
I have already designed a perfect laminar jet with cutter.
as through my experiments I found the maximum stable height of laminar jet is a function of nozzle diameter. I am designing of 12mm diameter nozzle and I want that the height be about 4m and 7m horizontal distance.
evry thing is ok but I have two problem.
1-in this speed tha laminar flow start vibrate.
2-the water flow oscilates.
It would be my pleasure if any one suggest his idea.

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Nozzle Newbie

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vibration at high speed Empty Re: vibration at high speed

Post  liteglow Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:13 pm

for me it sounds like you have reach the limit for how long you can make the water travel in laminar flow ?

You say you have the perfect cutter?
Do you mind posting pictures, and info about the hardware.

I have 2 nozzles, a big fountain, 4 huge water tanks, 4 powerful pumps........ but absolutely no working cutter Sad
All my attempts to build a cutter have failed.
So please share info you have Smile

thank you

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